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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Why does grief feel bad, but also a little good?

Is there anyone that you have not worked with yet that you would like to work with in philosophy?

How to do journaling? Any tips or structure or just barf out all thoughts down to a paper?

Stef, our beloved 14-year-old Labrador passed away Friday. Any philosophy tips as I process this grief? While I'm grateful our buddy boy is no longer sick and suffering, I'm also feeling intense sadness, emptiness, and wishing we'd had more time with him. We got him as a puppy, so he was our family member for a very long time. I miss him so much.

Have you read the book Seven Habits of Highly Affected People? If so, any thoughts?

I have a 1.9 month old daughter, that's very precise, who as recently as three weeks ago has noticeably started hitting when she is upset. Me and her mom do not hit her or her brothers. And she's the only child and is cared for at her babysitters who watches her two times a week. She usually will slap when you carry her and she ...

For the record...
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Veteran Bitcoin guru Stefan Molyneux takes you through the latest forces shaping the Bitcoin universe.


One of the most jaw-dropping call in shows you will ever hear...


A wee bit of engaging nonsense from 2006...

Search Dev Question

I'm tackling a minor engineering problem. Call-ins are quite popular, so I want to make sure searches for them work really well. How many ways can you think of to express that? This is what I have so far:

  • call
  • caller
  • callin
  • call in
  • call-in
  • all of the above followed by "show"

(I'm using natural language to parse these queries but it comes back with inconsistent results, so I need to normalize it in some way.)

Ignoring capital letters and plurals, any other ways that come to mind if you were entering that into a search box?

December 04, 2023
The Freedomain BullWhale

You saw it here first folks, the BullWhale is a genuine Freedomain original meme.

post photo preview

More interesting than Stefan Molyneux by being more evil:

I assaulted a woman (4 decades ago). I slapped her. I satisfied my own curiosity about that with false answers. I didn’t get confronted with any genuine curiosity. I wasn’t ordered to leave the neighbourhood until I could figure out and amend my inner self and be safe to allow back in the neighbourhood.

I was rewarded with her promise to love me forever, I was rewarded with two children now married, I was rewarded with exciting arguments and exciting sex with (often) synchronised orgasm.

I paid one decade later with a vicious divorce, no love paid by the woman or children - and I am saying this not as a whine but as a caution to all.

When I say: take all out action against the first sign of psychopathy, it’s not just a broken window, not just a harmless slap - I’m not talking theoretically about other people, I am relating how I might have been saved from doing further evil.

Okay after that one decade I learned from that ugly ...

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In the vast tapestry of human experience, this collection of premium content stands as a beacon of reflection and introspection! Each episode is a journey into the complexities of our shared existence. From the intricate dance of self-forgiveness to the harrowing tales of personal adversity, these moments of life challenge, provoke, and inspire.

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Brief Summary
In this episode, we discuss negative economics in parenting, driven by guilt, shame, fear, or obligation. We highlight its unsustainability and potential for rebellion. Instead, we advocate for positive economics, focusing on self-interest, mutual benefit, and building relationships rooted in trust and happiness.


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Peaceful Parenting

Conversation on peaceful parenting: Kindness and respect towards children, leading by example, avoiding punishments, teaching responsibility, apologizing, standing up to bullies, and cultivating virtues.

Brief Summary
In this episode, we discuss the concept of peaceful parenting, which emphasizes treating children with kindness and respect. Parents are encouraged to lead by example, refrain from punishments like hitting or screaming, and model good behavior consistently. Peaceful parenting teaches responsibility, apology, standing up to bullies, and the importance of virtue.


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