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I am worried about my safety, in the last couple of years the city I live in has had a huge demographic shift, I am literally the only white male left living in my neighbourhood now completely overrun by Pakistani immigrants and conservative Muslims, there are 4 mosques within a 10 minute walk all around my house and every day I hear of stabbings of people for being white and little girls being groomed and the police won't do anything about it, I cannot go back to my family as I had a tumultuous childhood and I'm in the process of cutting my mother out of my life.. I hope you get the chance to read this and maybe share some of your wonderful insights.


What do you think of Star Trek's prime directive? How does it relate to relations between the third world and the first world?

The directive forbids interference with societies considered not advanced enough, by the standards of United Federation of planets, AKA who the main characters work for.

The novel Heart of ...

THE END OF JAPAN! Freedomain Call In Aug 14 2020

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0:00:00 - Introduction by Stefan Molyneux
0:01:38 - Chapter 1: The Killer Motherland
0:51:49 - Chapter 2: Why Males Are More Violent
1:22:49 - Chapter 3: The Psychology and Neurobiology of Violence
2:33:03 - Chapter 4: War as a Sacrificial Ritual
2:57:50 - Chapter 5: The Seven Phases of Going to War
4:02:20 - Chapter 6: The Childhood Origins of World War II and the Holocaust
5:20:30 - Chapter 7: Child Abuse, Homicide, and Raids in Tribes
6:03:17 - Chapter 8: Infanticide, Child Rape and War in Early States
6:53:34 - Chapter 9: Bipolar Christianity: How Torturing "Sinful" Children Produced Holy Wars
8:10:23 - Chapter 10: Patriarchal Families and National Wars
9:08:10 - Chapter 11: Global Wars to Restore U.S. Masculinity
9:52:50 - Chapter 12: Ending Child Abuse, Wars and Terrorism

The Origins of War in Child Abuse ...

The Origins of War in Child Abuse | Stefan Molyneux Reads Free Full Audiobook

Surprise reveal - an amazing new critter!

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