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I have a question related to my relationship and, I guess, life in general. My girlfriend and I share a lot of values, but there are things that we do not agree on. My girlfriend is religious and soon to be a government worker. I am not religious, but I love her religiosity and her tendency not to inflict that on others. We agree about the ideas of peaceful parenting about which we have talked a lot.
The thing that I don't like is the fact that her dream job includes her to be government worker.
Not sure how to approach the situation.

You use a precise definition of philosophy that may exclude some popular historical figures generally considered philosophers. For example Hegelian dialectic is not a conventional form of logical argumentation yet Hegelianism is popularly considered philosophy. Friedrich Nietzsche uses a lot of mythological symbolism in his writing, which really isn't an argument. Do you accept their work as philosophy? Do you accept the concept of schools of philosophy? What is the boundary between philosophy and other forms of thinking and intellectual investigation? Do you consider forms of thinking or intellectual investigation other than philosophy, as valid or valuable?

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"MY YOUNGEST CHILD IS TURNING BAD!" Freedomain Article Response

My daughter is going astray. At age 20, is she beyond my reach?

Q: How do four children (two boys, two girls) from the same loving parents turn out so different in nature and manners that some even end up hating their parents?

I maintained a demanding job at my workplace while my kids were young, but I hired a very good nanny. I always got home to spend time with each child separately. At least one parent attended their sports/musical/dance events, and each tried to have quiet time with every child to hear their thoughts, help with problems, etc.

By the time we divorced, after 25 years together, the older three children were on paths in further education and eventually to good, satisfying jobs. But not my youngest daughter, now 20. Though she received the most attention from her siblings and her father and I, she’s emerged as an envious, angry, self-centred young woman.

She switched courses in school whenever possible. Her interests were boys, clothes and partying. We were also made aware of her ...

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