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I have a question related to my relationship and, I guess, life in general. My girlfriend and I share a lot of values, but there are things that we do not agree on. My girlfriend is religious and soon to be a government worker. I am not religious, but I love her religiosity and her tendency not to inflict that on others. We agree about the ideas of peaceful parenting about which we have talked a lot.
The thing that I don't like is the fact that her dream job includes her to be government worker.
Not sure how to approach the situation.

You use a precise definition of philosophy that may exclude some popular historical figures generally considered philosophers. For example Hegelian dialectic is not a conventional form of logical argumentation yet Hegelianism is popularly considered philosophy. Friedrich Nietzsche uses a lot of mythological symbolism in his writing, which really isn't an argument. Do you accept their work as philosophy? Do you accept the concept of schools of ...

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